Frédéric della Faille — Twenty years of digital design experience.

Brand and digital designer, former creative director, founder of multiple consumer startups used by millions. 

As a kid Frédéric was constantly in trouble with the police for tagging and drawing on trains after dark. Like many young taggers he also dreamed of being a pro skater or snowboard champ. He consistently failed school and finally dropped out of education at 20 years old when the class teacher asked for a design assignment to be submitted in print media instead of digital. This episode sparked a life changing passion for web design, and online creativity. Frederic threw himself into the all-night enthusiasm of a true convert designing his personal site, which was discovered by Yahoo in 1996 and promoted as their website of the day. On the back of this exposure he was offered a job by Euronet and worked there until founding his own design outfit, Bureau347.

Eventually tiring of the relentless pace and commercialism of the advertising world, Frédéric decided to focus on a start-up idea called Checkthis, an ephemeral publishing platform that went on to raise seed funding in summer 2012.

Frontback began as a side project of CEO, Frédéric della Faille, who was sitting in his apartment bored when he began mashing up photos of his views and facial expression. Amused with the idea, he gathered his team to build an app in 4 weeks with the simple idea of capturing a single image with both cameras. With a totally new way to capture your life, the app quickly became a breakout hit with an active global community. Since then the company has grown tremendously, raised an undisclosed amount in funding, and gained adoption from celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Snoop Dogg and Jack Dorsey.

From Brussels to San Francisco and New York, from being arrested for tagging trains to create successful ideas, is a long and winding road, one probably still full of surprises.